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Dr. Kelly Meyering is a clinical psychologist, licensed in Texas, Colorado, and Washington. She has over 20 years of experience providing services to adults, children, and adolescents in a multitude of settings including outpatient private clinics, inpatient hospitals, community mental health clinics, a pediatric developmental clinic, adolescent residential treatment centers, correctional facilities, schools, and military installations. She has held leadership roles such as operating a military-specific unit of a private inpatient psychiatric hospital. Additionally, she was the director of a university Psychology Clinic and many of her roles have included supervising counseling and psychology students. Colleagues frequently seek her out for collaboration and consultation on more challenging issues that clients present with. As a retired military spouse, she knows first-hand the stressors that military life can bring, and is trained in the treatment of combat trauma and other military-specific issues such as mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through the use of Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy.

Dr. Meyering provides psychological treatment for mood, anxiety, bereavement, tics, and behavioral issues, as well as provides psychological evaluations. She is particularly skilled in working with children and adolescents. Dr. Meyering's clinical orientation is cognitive behavioral, which means she sees emotions as a product of ones' thoughts and behaviors.





Dr. Meyering is married with two daughters, four cocker spaniels, and one pony. She is active in the community, volunteering for a local dog rescue. When not in the office, she can be found helping her children with their homework or transporting to extracurricular activities; attending her daughter's equestrian competitions; doing a jigsaw puzzle with her family; sneaking in a date with her husband; taking the dogs for a walk; or evaluating dogs at area shelters, fostering dogs, or otherwise helping dogs find their forever homes.





Why Dr. Meyering?

Not only does she have many years of experience providing psychological evaluation and psychotherapy, ​ Dr. Meyering is easy to get along with and treats everyone with respect and dignity. While she is a psychologist; she is also a wife and a mom. As a mom, she understands that parents are the most knowledgeable persons about their own children. She works WITH you in the treatment of your child. As the client, you can expect that Dr. Meyering will work with you on the goals that YOU have for your own treatment. 

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